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Fun For All Ages



Camp Chabad Winter Camp has a special program of activities designed for each age group.  While all programs meet at Kids First Sports Center from 9:30 - 3:30, the group is divided by age


Ages 3-4. Nursery and Pre-School.


Our youngest campers enjoy swimming, Kid Sports, music, a Mitzvah carnival, arts and crafts, gymnastics, basketball, soccer. Specially trained counselors work with these

campers to make each day super!


Ages 5-6. Kindergarten


These campers have a fun-filled day with, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, soccer. Tennis and volley ball. They also look forward to cooking activities.


Senior Girls & Boys 7-12. (groups divided by grade)


Our senior campers enjoy, swimming, sports, gymnastics, basketball, soccer. Special programs, holiday crafts. The Mitzvah Carnival is a highlight of the program.


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