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Secure your Jewish future!


With our unique educational approach our students are able to explore and discover the beauty of their heritage, in an atmosphere of joy and warmth. Camp Chabad Hebrew School offers a stimulating yet friendly environment where children embrace their Jewish roots.

Camp Chabad Hebrew School is located in the heart of OTR at the Camp Chabad Offices in the Spaces building on 15th and Vine.

The next generation...

When it comes to our Children,  philosophy is simple: Education is not limited to the
hours a child sits in a classroom, it must become a way of life.

Through an exciting blend of hands-on programming and activities, children at Chabad learn the importance of kindness and good deeds, and experience fun and interactive programs about Jewish history, holidays and practices.

Aleph Champion

The Aleph Champion Program©, modeled after the Martial Arts motivational system, is on the cutting edge of Hebrew reading today. Our students are taught how to read and write Hebrew using this exciting curriculum. Students are incentivized to gain fluency by challenging them to level up.

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