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Safety is the number one priority at Camp Chabad. 


The Camp staff includes a full-time nurse, who is the president of the Association of Camp Nurses and serves on the Ohio ACA Board. She coordinates daily medical needs and works with parents to manage allergies, administer medication and coordinate special needs participation. 


During morning drop off, staff members are on hand to greet each child and take him/her personally to his/her bunk group.  If a camper comes late, the parent is required to bring the camper to the camp office, and a staff member will accompany the child to his/her group.  Visitors are welcomed at the camp office, and are required to wear a visitor’s badge. 

Campers need to be signed out at pick-up.  Counselors will sign out campers who leave via the car line.


Our staff makes sure that every child is supervised and accounted for at all times. 


Every trip or outing is extensively researched to make sure it is a safe place for our campers – your children.

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